Our lives ow water . we should give water respect just like we respect each others being ( and i even doubt that)  . Because water is a living being . We are made up of water , we came from water , that’s why we are in big need of water . So we need to have some little bit of enlightenment about water , because water hold so many secrets in it , you may heal yourself just by the way you drink and treat water . Water was meant to be healing for us from day one , but what mankind did to water ? they spoiled it by their own so called technological ways , they enslaved water the way they are enslaved for their desires . 

  But look how water treated us … just the same we treated her . you spoil water by cutting trees around rivers and streams , because trees maintain the appropriate temperature for water  which is 4 degree C . Trees are like the shield of water , protects her from high temperature , because water is the same as you are  , when the temperature is high you get tired very fast , water is like you , water can’t transport logs on high temperature , they would fall in water depth . but at exactly 4 degree C water moleculed get stronger and can hold enough logs . We can say on sunlight water gets lazy so it sleeps , buy at night it cools and may hold high mass logs . 

   Not only humans are distracting water nature by cutting trees around and disturbing its temperature , but also they are polluting water by building their factories around it , also they are messing with the natural streams of water . which will mess up the creation of water healthy springs , for if their was no enough carbon and hydrogen around the steams there would not be healthy streams . If we just treated water better believe me we may find a cure for any disease we encounter .. 

  Water flows in streams in a centripital hyperbolic spiral , which is the motion of creation , motion of positive energy release , motion of development ,  implosion   and purification of nature .  On the other hand the centrifugal spiral is the motion of destruction , the motion of explosion .. unfortunately humans are using now a days the centrifugal explosive motion to create energy like the nuclear energy , or bombs , even the electricity we use is based on explosive and not implosive motion , but you see if we used the implosive motion like the natural motion of water we would reach a new source of energy that could keep us and our nature healthy clean . 
Harness the energy of water :
   One of the unknown scientists was Victor Shaughbergur , this human came with so many plans of building implosion machines , which are machines based on the motion of a fish while moving in opposite current of streams . This machine can create energy from the spiral motion without any output source .. the only Source is water water keeps moving inside the machine releasing the same energy it is released in streams as Victor analysed . from these energy we can create high water plants that could keep earth fresh and clean , giving us so many sources of pure energy .

  You see how water has a big significant role in our lives , from treating diseases to being a source of energy .. The only thing water wants from us is some respect , and to keep it on its natural flow . water wishes to flow on its nature so lets make her wishes come true ❤ 🙂 ..

   Let’s give respect for water starting from our homes , let’s look at it differently while drinking it , let’s close our hands for her  and namaskar her show her some love , she is living being just like you , what differes is your consciousness is much higher than her , but though she has consciousness and memory , so when you respect her , the molecules of water will tend to change in a way to heal you and love you back 🙂 .

   Finally we should understand they key of nature : First understand nature then copy it . through this law we can build a better planet with much healthier means of life .

29486 Peace love light 


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