Who are the Starseeds ?

  Ever knew someone that you tell him ” you are from different planet ” ? someone that comes with really weird ideas that nobody ever thought of ? Ever had a friend in your school that is always alone and neglected because of what he is ? Ever knew someone who’s always connected to the cosmos and likes to fly to another planet and explore space ? Well those people you encountered are early awakened starseeds ..


  Let me start by explaining the meaning of starseed : A starseed , from what it looks , a seed that comes from the stars , meaning  beings that  originate from different star  system in space  . Starseeds are Souls having lived or originated on other planets, other galaxies, on spacecraft, or in other dimensions and interlocking world spaces, who have volunteered to assist in bringing in the Ascension Cycle (New Age of Reason) and assist Earth through her next phase of evolution . At the beginning of humanity , the consciousness of human beings was too low that they even had the sensitive soul which is the soul of an animal ( we have 3 soul kinds 1-vegetative soul for plants -2-sensitive soul for animals -3- rational soul for human beings ) when our consciousness was low , a group of aliens from different starsystem in our galaxy decided to assist our beings and make this planet becomes better , so they started sending their rational experienced spirits to this part of the galaxy and they started reincarnating on earth . when they reincarnated , humans became more rational and smarter to build civilizations on earth and make it better , to advance it and let it join the galactic federation of space .


  You are asking why aliens want us to be better ? and who are those aliens ? Why they didn’t show up from day 1 ? and why should i believe in such things ? … i know sooo many questions going on your mind right now , and i have so many answers for you my family 🙂 ❤ … To begin you must know that there is GOD , 1 supreme being that is the origin of all Creations . God spread created all spirits in a way he was part of them , all the spirits of all creatures ( aliens and humans and all crearions ) are part of a whole spirit which is the god’s whole spirit . God is inside each one of us , we are not limites beings as many claim , we are capable of healing ourselves , doing things that we believe we can’t do … each one of us is unique , has a special energy in himself .  You must also know that the 3 dimensional realm you live in is not the only realm in the universe , there 7 realms that our spirit can take forms through , so to speak of reincarnation , as long as those realms exist BUT we have a low knowledge about them due to the system we live in , then you must go and read more about the spiritual realms , widen your knowledge more to get to the idea that spirits after death wander in the space in different dimensions and this is the knowledge that aliens are aware of , and that’s how starseed spirits came to earth . The aliens seeded us with their higher being spirits .


  When aliens reached a higher level of consciousness they became more capable of contacting God . God wants us all to be developed and advanced  , you must know he is in us and he is experiencing all things in every little thing , so he wants the better for anything . God created us out of Love ❤ , and i discussed the love hertz in one of my previous blogs , Love is what makes us alive , what makes us here , what makes us exist . For the love of humans , God wanted them to be more advanced , so by experiencing higher beings ( what we call aliens) he assisted us to higher our consciousness and then join the galactic federation of starfamily . when we join the galactic federation we will be capable of assisting other lower beings on other planets same as we were assisted , and the journey continues …


  To tell you more about our star family that is assisting us , they are of huminoid kind , meaning they share same human features as us , they may differ in ear shape , skin color , size of eyes and other minor features  . They assisted us since we were cells in water and watched us to be given the name the WATCHERS . And yes they appeared and contacted us directly in the beginning of our days , they contacted ancient civilizations like the ancient  mayans , egyptians , chinese .. but after our consciousness was higher by the help of the starseed spirits that came from their stars systems we began to evolve mentally to an extent we don’t need direct assistance any more , and there came the law of interference from the galactic federation , that no starfamily should contact us directly . Our star families  mainly come from constellations which are Orion , Pleiades , Andromeda , Sirius , Arcturus .. 562342

  Each starseed spirit has a purpose on earth , but on top of all thosepurposes there is one goal , which is to make earth a better place to live in . As for how to know your purpose  , you need first to activate your DNA after experiences and meditations you come through , you have to be more connected to everything thing around you to get to activate your DNA . When your DNA is activated you will start to get a sense of past lives , a love of ancient times , a deep connection with the cosmos , a weird feeling of being alone , even sometimes you may feel your family is not the real one,  . so many feelings you may get as symptoms of DNA activation , but then you might enhance to activate your DNA with meditations and connecting with your higher being .

  Some may say i’m nuts , crazy , or whatever , but i just want to say something  , I’m feeling something deep inside me that is telling me that this is the truth of life , and i had so many life experiences and signs that showed me the path , i connected the dots that’s all .  But to tell you how i did connect the dots it costed me KNOWLEDGE , at the beginning i was into religions and i was really affected by them , but the more i learned them the more i felt things are not in order , i didn’t have answers of questions i want which were blocked by religion limitations . When i was more aware of my true starseed nature my knowledge of the universe increased more and more like 100 times the knowledge i had before .  I started knowing how to treat the beings around us from the tiniest entity till the largest we see. And what really made a huge impact is i learned the true meaning of LOVE ❤ .. So please my family from all the world all i can tell is get out of the system limitation for just one single day , READ , then READ then READ out of the box , out of whatever you are limited not to read , read the forbidden , READ and THINK , don’t look at the globe from one side , study all sides , then  judge yourself , ask was i right or wrong ?

  This is a brief blog of what starseeds are , where there is lots more to talk and I’ll be posting more and more about the nature of starseeds in different blogs , take this one as an introduction 🙂 , the more you will read about my starseed blogs the more you will understand and get answers of what you want , just know that my blogs are connected , if you read more of them you will connect the dots more and more ❤ ..

Finally i want to say I love you all deep from my heart ❤

Peace love light



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