Light Hertz

(As you read this blog you will tune your frequency with Light hertz)
Note : This blog may include some verses from different books of religions which doesn’t reflect the author’s orientation

Darkness needs Light .. And Light needs Darkness ..

For stars are only visible in darkness ..

   Light is what we will speak .. Light my family is what shines our deep soul , Light is anything that shines our paths , to lets us awake and see the truth . We have the light of electromagnetic nature , this is our physical light in our dimension , it’s due to magnetic and electric fields vibrating in a continuous manner to form the duality of light . Yes , this light shines our paths and shows us our way to move on , but this light is not the only light that is able to shine your path ..
    A word could be light 🙂 . When you are seeking answers for questions that are confusing you , and then  you hear or read words that start vibrating in your mind and makes you connect the dots of your confusion , this means that your confusion ( dark) was enlightened by this word ( Light) . I encountered a really interesting verse from the christian bible that describes how words are light   ” Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path .” Psalm 119:105
   You may be a moving light if you had a very deep wisdom . Wherever you go there is a light moving with you to shine the path of others , which will make people follow your light to go out of their darkness ( ignorance ) . To be a moving Light means to have a high consciousness of the reality , to support it with knowledge , for knowledge is in itself a light . To reach this level of high consciousness means you reached the enlightened mind . A mind that is unique in these days , A mind that is still that even the universe moves with it . when you reach the enlightened state your Brightness will start attracting all beings all over you . And from your Light you will ignite so many other lights , for each one you will meet you will be his purpose of moving the way of truth and continue it . What you did is just lighting his path and make it more clear to him to move on with it . I’ve read a really interesting verse from the book of islam religion the koraan  where part of it was : ” Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things.” Surat An-Nū 24:35. Well this verse describes how your light when added to another Light of another person , will shine more brightly for God ( Allah ) at that moment will be guiding that other person to his light( the eternal truth) which He chosen .
God is Light .. Imagine it , if you may be a light on earth , what about God’s light ? God’s Light , that eternal knowledge , that eternal power .. When you become enlightened it means you are now part of God’s truth , you are expressing and projecting part of  God’s Light on earth . Each one of us has a purpose in this life , was awakened on his purpose , he will start projecting part of the eternal truth . Each one of us is like a vibration of a particle , for if someone was enlightened  in a place it means he he’s vibrating on the n state , if another person exists and vibrates it will be on the n+1 vibration and so on . That’s how the light of God vibrates , in a way it is experiencing it self in this 3rd dimension .  As i read some books of many religions i see they describe God as Light which is a truth that unites them and reveals how this God is the same ONE God of all times

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Jesus was light on earth , but it doesn’t mean he was the only light , so many other lights vibrated on many different states like Noah,  Euclede , Abraham , Krishna ,Buddha,  , Moses , Muhammad , Leonardo Da Vinci , Nicola Tesla , Albert Einstein and so many other states … Those humans harnessed the energy inside them to reach  a higher being inside them , they highered their consciousness by deep meditations and contemplation of the universe . But it doesn’t mean that they are the only chosen ones , you maybe one like them , any human being is capable of reaching a higher conscious by continuous passion and will to know the truth and stillness of the mind . So don’t ever limit your light , do the opposite , let ii shine soo brightly especially in the age of darkness we are living in , for light shines brilliantly in darkness .
Ignorance is darkness that through it light will have a reason to appear . Know that ignorance is not a bad word as so many think . ignorance is not knowing something , we all don’t know something 🙂 .. even those who reached the higher limits of light , have ignorance somewhere . The only pure Light of no darkness is the Light of God . So let’s start from a point where we believe we are ignorant of so many things in life , then we will know the true meaning of knowledge ( Light )

Some human beings can only see their paths due to  the physical electromagnetic light , but the enlightened ones are able to see in the deep deep darkness , because they are not limited by the physicality of their beings , they reached a level of awakening where their physical eyes are not they only eyes they can see through .. Those beings are able to move with eyes closed because within them there is a lightness that shines all their path ❤

Finally i would like to remind you all of words of Light quoted by a light being i don’t know if you are all familiar with him , he is Imam Ali :
“Do you think you are some small insignificant mass when within you dwells an entire universe? “



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