Peace hertz

(As you read this blog you will tune your frequency with Peace hertz )

I can feel it in the rivers , oceans , trees , ground , sky , clouds .. Earth is crying out Loud i hear her voice ..Earth is suffering ..


   Peace my family 🙂 peace is what unites us , this word resonates magnificently in our minds in all languages , it brings harmony in the body mind and soul .. you feel safe when you are in a peaceful state of being , a state where you don’t fear anything , a state where all beings around you are synchronized in the same state as you . Imagine all beings were one , where nothing can split them , imagine love is the only power that unites them together as a human race . But what’s going on now , why humans are turning cruel to each other ? why humans are conquering , dividing , killing .. in the name of peace ? is that what defines peace for them ? how come we reached an age where war is the synonym of peace .
   Can’t you see humans are killing to get their peace ? country bombs another one to spread their love relative to their point of view .. humans are shooting their fellow brothers to get peace ?? ! Don’t you ever know that you are shooting your own self ? don’t you know that we are all one soul but in many different forms of being ? Do you accept shooting your own soul ? …. Then why do you shoot your own brother ?
   Look around you , humans are not the only victims of war .. it’s just that humans think of themselves out of their ego , but they don’t know that even every entity on this planet Earth is being the victim . And the war is not just bombing and killing , war is just the opposite of peace , any action that comes away from peace is a war . If you plant a flower , then someone takes it off , that’s an opposite of peace, that’s a war , but not the kind of human war , it’s a war on earth , you are fighting the true nature of Planet earth 😥 .. Earth wishes to flow with nature , so why we don’t make her wishes come true ?
   Humans are defying nature through what they call technology . Nature is Peace , Peace is nature , all flows in same frequency . Humans cut the trees around rivers because of their own desires to build their building or what so ever ..But do you know that cutting trees will not just affect the beauty of the nature , it will also kill the peace of the echo system around it . Water will start to lessen its quality , it will start flowing against its nature , which in return will affect you . So think it logically why would you open war with nature when you are part of it ? Let’s always be   synchronicity with her where it will shows us miracles .. Let’s be peaceful with her ❤
   Peace is a truth , war is just merely an illusion , peace was there from the beginning just like love and light , and war is just a deprivation of the peace ( Light ) .
I tell all of you who are reading this , look in everything around you , take a deep look at each idea that is implanted in you , analyze it well , then compare it with peace , is it synchronous with peace ? is it on the same frequency as peace ? if yes then keep it planted in your soul and move with it , but if it’s not , then stop it no matter what is it , and don’t fear stopping this idea that opposes peace , because also fear is merely an illusion .
    I always thought of a world where we can go anywhere without boarders and limits drawn on its map , i always like to say if someone asks me from where you come from i always like to say I come from this  world my home is this universe , it’s not hard if we try thinking it that way . I live in a place where it’s highly asked before even your name from where you come ? from which part of your country you come from ? because my country is split into regions where each region is of certain religious or social system .. ca’t you see it from above how this keep negativity on earth ? this huge split of beings ? Which also may lead to war and not peace .
alien-308429_640      Let’s you unite my family .. let’s be one .. unless let’s try . I know that nothing is perfect but it doesn’t mean that the dark must overwhelm the light .. Peace must always be the dominant over the war not the opposite . If you don’t want peace for your self  think of the other coming generations , would you like to plant the chain of war or peace in their hearts ? Think of your inner peace , let you engineer your inner self from inside to outside , then let your brother , sister , parents , friends , and let us combine a huge chain that nothing can break it because PEACE WAS IT’S TRUE ORIGINS .

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