Love hertz

(As you read this blog you will tune your frequency with love hertz)

First if you are reading this know that :     


   And if you don’t want to read it I love you too ^_^ ❤ 

,the most powerful energy that can make miracles happen . We were created out of love , love of our god , the eternal love that follows us through all of our journey of lives . If everyone just thinks of love in each moment of his life  , the love of all creatures around him , the love of himself which through it he sees all what is around , the love of your purpose , the love of small simple things that you used not to even see , try to see everything as gold , don’t let your golden sight close , make everything stays as gold , unlike nature’s first green which starts as gold but after dawn the gold goes away to green.if you just see it that way you would change your own life by vanishing all the negativity flowing around you or your surrounding you , and then you will start feeling that the universe is trying to communicate with you to give you paths you never crossed before .
   Love comes out from our hearts through emotions we express , feelings we show , let’s not think of love for our own inner desires , let’s think of it as a whole , when you figure out the whole is actually inside you , and you are inside the whole  , at that moment you will feel the true love of being which comes out of pure emotions . Let’s always train our hearts to say ” I love you” for anybody or anything we encounter , for these days love is just expressed for relationships and family , let’s break this limitation of love to evolve it into a new level , the love of each smallest entity , the love of the vastest structure , the love of the invisible , the love of the unknown , the love of the hater , the love of things that will happen , the love of things that didn’t happen yet … Just feel the unconditional love of the universe around you ❤ .
     Love the opposite of hate , the truth of being is love , hate is just an illusion that humans crossed it through their genes  , same as darkness and light , darkness is just the deprivation of light , what is there is light (love) .
     Love attracts all beings around you , when your work (any kind ) comes out of love the way others look at it would be different , it’s like magic spell you put it around , that influences people and make them more grateful for your existence . Out of my own experience from the music i composed and performed live at stages , i saw a huge love that is attracted towards me while playing , even playing a simple chord in your piece that came out of love of what you do and love of for whom you’re playing for will change the course of your music career . I saw people loving my plays not because they got profession or skills , it’s because they simply got enough love that would make them feel same way about it . 
       Love  is one not two , never split it , let it flow equally in an equilibrium state in a way it resonates each time you think of beings . shape yourself inside each creation feel it how it overcomes its hardest times ,be empathetic with others which will trigger your love for them . Be that person , that tree , that river , that bird , that planet .. be that universe ..

  Love is colors resonating at many different frequencies in an equal manner

God is love 🙂 Universe is God .. so i universe you ..

Peace love light 




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