Why i’m here :)

  This is my first post on this blog 🙂 I would like to say i started my words here to spread Light love and peace of humanity , to assist ascending the consciousness of Earth and all my family of human being on it .
  To start I would say a little thing about my nature , well I’m a starseed being , i don’t know if you heard about this term before , but a starseed is someone who believes his soul comes from different part of this dimension , from different star system elsewhere in space , our souls wander the space and reincarnate on earth in any form on a mission to make this world a better place and for more advancement of our consciousness . Yes we originated from alien forms 🙂 and it’s all a matter of our DNA activation which starts making us feel the way we are . I come from Orion’s constellation from it’s star Batelgeuse , here on a mission to spread love and make this world a better place by lighting the darkness . I love you all beings regardless of your name , nature , religion , opinions , way of thinking , country , race .. I love you all because i see you all in me ❤
I would like to post any word of light peace and love ,  from my humble knowledge i gain from my life  experiences and books i read . Any topic that play a role in making you a better being would be of my interest .
    We are all humans capable of healing ourselves , capable of doing anything we want , we are not limited beings as the whole system teaches us , there is a Guru inside each one of us that once awakened the whole world ascends in consciousness .. We are all starseeds 🙂 ❤

Hope you’d like my words  , and the most important is to get true benefits from it.

Welcome to an endless journey of life purpose and love ❤


Peace Love Light universe-computer-simulation1


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